The Doorway Gallery is delighted to host an exhibition by Roisin O’Farrell called “Leave the world behind” on Thursday, September 3rd between 6-7.30pm on 24 South Frederick Street. The exhibition will run until September 24th.

Róisín O’Farrell returns to the Doorway Gallery in September for her first Solo Show in Dublin for two years. In this highly anticipated show she turns to flowers for inspiration. Featuring the heavy blooms of peonies and roses, Róisín once again takes a traditional and charming subject and brings to it a contemporary feel.

The white and soft-pink flowers, in glorious, exuberant bloom are described in oil with a painterly, almost sculptural quality and are set against a background of colour and rich texture.

The show will also featured her much loved welly boot and interiors paintings.

How Irish artist Róisín O’Farrell turned a shock redundancy into a successful art career.

Seven years ago on a stormy day on Bray beach, Róisín O’Farrell remembers dreaming aloud to her Artist mother. The dream was to make a living from her art. It was a pipe dream of course. She couldn’t afford to give up the day job. But as they say, be careful what you wish for. Within a couple of months Róisin was made redundant without warning, from her job.

“For the next year I studied and worked at painting like it was a day job. I must have painted at least 500 paintings in that first year” Róisín said “and although I didn’t know if I could do it, I was sure as hell going to give it a good try.”

Welly boot families

Róisin is best known for her paintings of colourful welly boots. The paintings came from her own family experience as a mother. “I love their relaxed, untidiness” she says “and of course, they can be seen as a kind of family portrait.”

By 2010 she was already exhibiting in a number of Irish galleries when she was invited to show in The Doorway Gallery, Dublin, run by her cousin Denise Donnelly.

“Working with family can sometimes be a recipe for disaster” says Róisín “but Denise and I are lucky that we get along well and we keep our working relationship very professional and positive.”

“Róisín’s work is beautiful, detailed, powerful, strong and decidedly female.” - Barbara Muir, Canadian Artist & Writer

“Impactful, beautiful and a little vintage” - Riki Neill, RNN Comuinications

“ I feel in love with Roiisn’s work when I first saw her famed tea cup series, which in turn led me to explore her work further. For me she awakens memories of childhood, from her wellington boots at the door to my personal favourite Hunter’s Hotel in Wicklow, which now hangs in my home in Italy” - Gavin Lambe Murphy

“Your work is gorgeous!” - Pauline McLynn