The Doorway Gallery is delighted to host an exhibition by Padraig McCaul called ‘Along the Atlantic way’ on Thursday, June 25th between 6 - 7.30pm on 24 South Frederick Street. The exhibition will run until July 23rd.

Padraig McCaul's latest exhibition at The Doorway Gallery features twenty-five new paintings from along Ireland's Atlantic coastline, or as it has recently become known as - the Wild Atlantic Way. At the heart of this new collection are paintings of Achill Island where he now lives.

Since moving to Achill with his family in 2012 McCaul's evocative paintings of the west of Ireland have continued to evolve and now include more figurative work, sometimes based on, but always inspired by his own family.

He works from his studio in Dugort, under the shadow of Slievemore, and creates his colour filled oil paintings with a single palette knife and brush. His work has been described as 'inviting and provocative', 'alive and vibrant'.

"I want people to feel that they can disappear into my paintings, that they can get lost in them." - Padraig McCaul