Jurassic world
Sleek and entertaining this movie doesn’t try to outdo its predecessors because let’s be honest-we all knew what was going to happen here. What happens in every Jurassic park movie? Where Jurassic world succeeds is in its execution of set pieces, rather than obvious and tacky, they are enthralling, funny and consistent. The film is exceptionally paced which should be easy for a movie where most of the plot points are predictable but there is always room to botch things up when making a movie so kudos to the screen writers and director for seeing to that. At no point did I feel like they were hurrying things up or slowing things down, there was simply a natural progression. Playing safe is the only criticism that could be lobbied at this film but the swift counter argument that comes to mind is; with Jurassic park being away for so long it needed to stick partially to the formula just to remind everyone what they had missed about the series and then introduced a new element in the form of Owen Grady’s relationship with the velociraptors.
Star rating: 5 stars
Why watch it?: Apart from bask in the warm glow of 90’s nostalgia? Well, you can always watch Chris Pratt bond with imaginary computed generated prehistoric animals.

Tomorrow Land
It has been a while since I’ve seen George Clooney in a movie and I’m glad it was this one-he was thoroughly enjoyable and convincing as he committed to his role as inventor with Hugh Laurie every bit his equal, despite less screen time. Britt Robinson however, is the star of the movie-she is expected to shoulder the weight of this movie and she does so in witty and vibrant fashion. She has an energy and swagger about her akin to that of Jennifer Lawrence. The plot is neat and the themes are honorable, aiming for something a tad lofty than your usual run of the mill good Vs evil. The last act is a little cheesy but considering the route the plot takes to get there I’d say all is forgiven on this occasion. After all, all stories are cliché at some level or point. What is little unforgivable about this movie is the unashamed naked didactic monologue but how many films have done that of recent? Considering the subject matter and the target audience I’d say it is still excusable and if I’m honest, a success.
Star rating: 4 stars
Why watch it?: Brilliant cast performance by Brittany, Clooney, Laurie et al and an android who actually stole my heart and refused to give it back. Who says cinema can’t surprise?

San Andreas
Being honest I will state first, I watched this because of Dwayne Johnson. It is his biggest film to date and I wanted to see if the big man could carry the weight of this blockbuster on his shoulders. I was very happy at the end of the movie because he didn’t disappoint.Hero, father, friend; no matter what role he played during this film I genuinely believed him, backed by a good supporting cast who all gave stand out performances. It’s a disaster movie, I wanted to care if someone died, especially because I don’t during these type of films mostly because, everyone dies or at least a substantial amount of substantial people go bye-bye. The sheer amount of destruction usually ribs movies like these from any real emotional core but this one had a surprisingly soft centre.Kudos to the special effects department for outdoing themselves, you made a grown man flinch and gasp. There are plenty more Kudos that need to go out but the two performances that I hand them to is Selina Gomez and Dwayne Johnson, probably because all of the other supporting cast members were actually actors where as these two were not. So the fact that the two of them carry so much of the weight of the movie and deliver good performances leaves me with high hopes for their now, potential, acting career.
Star rating: 4 stars
Why watch it?: To prove that not all wrestlers are bad everything else,bad actors. Imagine you’re playing a role, playing game, and see if you survive the end of the movie.

Pitch Perfect 2
Most movies don’t do well on the second lap, heck, some of those sequels are ones we didn’t want or need however pitch perfect does well to capitalize on its winning features and at the same time do something different to change the formula. Anna Kendrick has a sweet voice which is used to great effect in this sequel, although perhaps not as much as fans would like. The lack of singing is replaced with entertainment. ‘Fat Amy’-Rebel Wilson, has some of the best lines and scenes in the movie. Although flash light is no belter and certainly not a song we’ll be singing long after the movie credits roll, the movie is memorable in its own right for its simple yet effective humor, gorgeous vocals (watch out for brilliant acapela) and good pacing. If anything I wanted more and that’s where the film perhaps drops points. It’s tough giving such a large cast enough screen time, look at the avengers (hawkeye) but hey, at least there’s the confirmed Pitch perfect 3!
Star rating: 3.5 stars
Why watch it?: Singing, a brilliant game of where’s wally=pentatonix edition and ‘Fat Amy’ i.e Rebel Wilson. Oh, and the hilarious, merciless judges; they’re amazing for the time they’re in the spotlight.

Mad Max: Fury Road
Ten years in the making, Mad Max could have easily fallen out of favor with the public. This movie however starts from scratch rebooting a classic. I took this film for what it is, dispelling all former films from memory. The film is a visual bath, you are consumed by the way the film is shot-direction is incredibly meticulous. Charlie Theron, Tom Hardy, Nicholas Hoult and a slew of familiar faces serve as a brilliant supporting cast with refined performances despite the demanding nature of the scenes at times. The special effects that embellish the film really made me happy, because in an age where it’s easy to throw CGI into a film and expect cinematic success, equilibrium of special effects and plot are hardly ever balanced. Fortunately on this occasion the effects only helped rubber stamp this film’s brilliance. The film is one long thrill ride that you won’t want to end by the time it reaches its bombastic conclusion. It reminded me of the time you could watch a brilliant stand-alone movie and couldn’t wait to watch it at home. This is exactly what I intend to do.
Star rating: 5 stars plus KUDOS (applauded to all involved).
Why watch it?: Follow the simple but sustainable plot. You’ll want to watch it again. You’ll want to learn how to drive like Charlie Theron (character).

Melissa McCarthy made a name for herself in Bridesmaids with a breakout performance. Performances like hers often fall victim of capitalist agendas as producers looking to make a quick buck off a trope, an idea or a string of hilarious reactions to scenarios that worked for first time-canned lightening. Spy is a surprising film and it’s not the reason why the movie works so well. Jude Law and Jason Statham, Rose Bryne and Maranda Hart make this film more than just a run of the mill popcorn flick. Cliché plot - yes but brilliantly cast, the film’ success has performers and hilarious script to thank. The actions scenes although comic at times were top notch. You’ll want to watch it again.
Star rating: 5 stars.
Why watch it?: Melisa McCarthy and Jason Statham bouncing off each other is side splittingly good. Melissa McCarthy and Rose Bryne are also incredibly entertaining.

I’m probably part of a minute group who went to watch this not having seen the series. The trailer peaked my interest and got me hoping it was as good as it looked. I was incredibly happy that I got my wish granted. The all-star supporting cast is not what helps this movie shine, it’s the brotherhood depicted with comedic brilliance. Filled with laughs at the right time, paced beautifully and shot to perfection, here I struggle to find complaints. Jeremy Piven’s performance stands out, he anchors the movie and does it with ease. The sub plots are minimal and don’t drown the story rather it gives it heft and a sense of character development in the final third. Will I be watching it again? Yes! Has it convinced me to watch the series? Yes!
Star rating: 4.5 stars
Why watch it?: For the boisterous banter. Also you can play a modified version of ‘Where’s Wally’ entitled - ‘Where’s The Star?.. There are quite a few celebrities in this movie.

Mr Holmes
We’ve had so many replications of Sherlock Holmes, this decade, it would take something special to stand out from the many performances that fill up this pantheon. Ian McKellen produces a memorable performance, I simply refuse to divulge details of the movie.The joy of this movie is not in the cinematic ‘who dunnit?’ but rather the journey which is unique in its own right because of the change in dynamic where Sherlock’s ‘square’ is concerned. Make of that what you will. It’s such a different Sherlock from what we’ve been spoilt with up until now, but now, it seems we have been spoilt a little more. A stellar cast giving equally stellar performances and producing a stellar film to add to the pantheon of Sherlock greats.
Star rating: 5 stars
Why Watch it? Milo Parker is everything Mckellen’s equal, acting up a storm. I was very impressed.

We’ve had so many Marvel movies of recent, they’ve all been entertaining but some haven’t always hit the mark. It’s easy to look at the trailer to a film like this and assume it will be another ‘run of the mill’ super hero tale. This tale however is not run of the mill, it’s a heist movie, the super hero gig is just the medium by which it’s being told. Stand out performer performance for me is Michael Douglas, followed closely by Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly in close second. Michael Douglas adds layers and layers to a character who is interesting but not explored. Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly’s performances are great, and as for comedy, Michael Pena completely stole the show with some gut-busting monologues. T.I has a longer stint in a movie this time (spot him in entourage). Small hero-BIG pay off! Speaking of which, stay for the end credit - both of the - obviously.
Star rating: 5 stars plus KUDOS to the little girl who plays Cassie Lang - cute and hilarious. Great little actress.
Why watch it?: Pure fun and a ride full of laughs.