Graphic Studio Gallery is delighted to host an exhibition of works by four of our highly reviered Graphic Studio Dublin members and artists.

A member of Aosdána, printmaker James McCreary employs that quietly powerful print medium mezzotint for the luxurious quality of its tone to explore the world of old fashioned sweets and forgotten treasures, inspired by a traditional sweet that fellow artist Yoko Akino brought back from Japan many years ago.

Gerard Cox will be concentrating on bronze sculpture for this exhibition. Cox, having worked in wood as a sculptor, began making woodblock prints in 1999 and for this body of work he has cast his woodblock prints in bronze, thus fusing together both his love of printmaking and sculpture. With glints of gold coming through the mottled green patination, Cox’s sculptures are alike to light hitting pools of water.

Jennifer Lane is a long established printmaker specialising in woodblock printmaking with her work having been exhibited in Peking, Singapore, and Yohohama, Japan. Lane's woodblock prints derive from an extensive series of drawings from life and nature. Lanes use of colour and complexity showcase the exceptional craftsmanship that imbues this wonderful technique.

Yoko Akino is renowned for her imaginative graphic statuesque figures set against backgrounds of intricate and geometric design. With work in both etching and linocuts, the exhibition will demonstrate Akino's interest and expertise in line drawing.