Graphic Studio Gallery is delighted to showcase the masterful technique of artist Niall Naessens. The new etchings and monoprint/drawings outline passing moments hinting at narratives that describe the environs of the L12121, the number recently assigned to the road where Naessens lives and works.

The L12121 Picture Panoply is an eclectic yet comprehensive collection of etchings and monoprint/drawings. These prints are considered stanzas composed of landscape imagery and motifs employing varieties of printmaking and drawing procedures. The use of ornamentation, a peculiar drawing syntax and a deliberate colour palette define the sentiment of these compositions. The imposition of contemporary thought on the traditional genre of landscape art gives Naessens’ work a unique perspective.

Niall Naessens has worked as a professional printmaker at Graphic Studio Dublin for many years and has a long association with our gallery. Naessens has had many solo shows in Ireland and abroad. L12121 is Naessens’ first solo show since completing an MFA at NCAD in 2013.

A three minute film, A Portrait of the Artist by his Young Man, was produced by the artist’s son Nicholas Naessens to accompany the occasion of L12121 Picture Panoply. His observations of his father working in his Lios na Caolbhaí studio and a catalogue of the new work can be seen on a special exhibition blog.

The Gallery will be closed on Friday 1st & Monday 6th of April.