Five Florentine artists explore books in various forms of works on paper: from April 30th to May 29th 2015 Linea Spazio Arte Contemporanea holds Paper reincarnations, collective exhibition presented by Florence Biennale, in occasion of the last XIV Week of Italian Language in the World at the Italian Culture Institute in La Valletta (Malta).

Nilo Australi, Diego Gabriele, Andrea Granchi, Gianna Scoino and Piero Viti are five artists who live and work in Florence, different generations come together experimenting with new techniques of use of paper and artist's book, in search of new ways of interpreting this ancient but timeless material, highlighted in a dance of memory.

Approximately thirty artworks will be exhibited, including artist's books, ancient letters turned into sculptures, old texts revisited in a contemporary way and works inspired by paper and literature. At least six artworks each author, a team of five who can depict the conceptual work of different generations, of contemporary artists based in Florence.

Andrea Granchi and Gianna Scoino, former professors of the Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence and renowned artists with a rich biography in national and international exhibitions. Piero Viti eclectic artist has always been characterized by a strong experimentalism. Last but not least, Nilo Australi and Diego Gabriele, two emerging young artists who experiment new techniques using paper and books, looking for new ways to interpret this ancient but always present-day material.