This W3 gallery exhibition forms part of Art Hits the Streets festival where we are taking art to a range of different venues across Ealing. Acton Arts Forum brings Art to the streets of Ealing in an innovative and accessible way. Artists will exhibit at the W3 gallery and will be displayed in varied venues, taking art to the people. Libraries, cafes, bars, community spaces and public places are hosting art as part of the festival, forming a Visual Art Trail across Ealing. This is an opportunity for artists to display their art and for businesses to attract new audiences. The art exhibited at W3 gallery includes quality art in a great variety of styles and genres representing the work of 24 artists.

Carlamaria Jackson has a BA (Hon's) in Fine Art. She went on to win the Surrey Open in 2012, The Guildford Arts & Clyde Co Prize and was shortlisted for the Threadneedle Prize. In 2013, she launched "For Walls Contemporary, Art that Goes Places" and is currently the Social Media Controller for Wells Art Contemporary. Carlamaria has exhibited in Barcelona, London and various galleries across the UK. One of her artworks will be on the cover of the novel "Il Tempo Non Esiste" by Ivo P.Boskoski which will be published by Edizioni Opposto in May 2015. Her work is founded in Western Art History but heavily references today's media dominated, celebrity culture. She explores the relevancy of the female nude in contemporary art, attempting to identify the fine line between the sensual celebration and sexual exploitation of women, principally from the male protagonist's view point. Using found images; photography; and digital painting, augmentation & aggregated techniques, Carlamaria creates Limited Edition 2D Digital Artworks printed on Aluminium or PVC. Each Artworks is signed and numbered on the back and comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity" and "Bill of sale". Titles: Sleeping Venus (Limited Edition 1 of 250, Printed on PVC), Après le Bain (Limited Edition 1 of 5, Framed, Printed on Aluminium), Allure 1 (Limited Edition 3 of 5, Printed on Aluminium).

Morgan Fisher: “I am not currently a resident of Acton, in fact it's nearly 40 years since I lived there! But back in 1976/77, I bought a house in Canada Road, North Acton, and enjoyed two very happy years there. At that time I was the keyboard player in a band called Mott the Hoople. Since 1985 I've been living in Tokyo. In 2009 Mott the Hoople had a reunion concert in London, and as part of that event I put on a show of my abstract photography ("light paintings") at the legendary Troubadour Club and Gallery in the Old Brompton Road. I’m delighted at their being included in this W3 event.”

Tanya Loi is a recent Central Saint Martins Foundation Diploma, BA and MA Fine Art graduate with a level 3 Award in Colour Theory and Practice. She also has a qualification from the Museum Of London in Archaeology and Excavation techniques. Her practice is conceptually based. Her work often responds to psychogeography, London history, psychology, esotericism, anthropology, archaeology, mythology, folklore, mysticism, symbolism, synchronicities, museological practice and natural systems and cycles in nature. Her practice is not limited to any particular medium; rather she uses mediums that best suit the idea of the proposed artwork/s. Recent mediums she has used include museological installations, archival installations, commissioned guided walks and publications for Camden Arts Centre, artist’s books, published walk guides, postcards, essays, creative writing (published in ‘Less Common’), as well as disseminating art through infiltration into public archives and institutions (e.g. Islington Local History Centre, Transport For London, The British Library), as well as creating a video called ‘Trojans’ (shown at The Portobello Film Festival 2014 & at The Swedenborg 2014), mail art, sound art (which was installed at Valentines Mansion, Essex), site-specfic art etc. Title: ‘A Splash Of Colour’.

Sam Rough: is an artist based in west London. She is interested in creating accessible, thought-provoking art work that deals with human emotion. Capturing atmosphere and emotion through layers of abstraction and a range of styles, with figurative elements to provide context. She finds endless source material in the lives of others; around her, in the media and in the wider world. She works mainly in oils. Titles: Commuting; Hurt; Bhudda (oils).

Elizabeta Chojak-Mysko: Elizabeta studied Painting, Sculpture, and Stage Design at the Academy of Fine Art in Krakow. She created stage designs for theatres, operas, and TV stations. At the same time she paints a great number of paintings, makes original sculptures and installations. Elizabeta's works has been exhibited in galleries in France, Italy, Australia, Germany, Poland and Great Britain. She also is the independent curator and runs the Rickshaw House Gallery. Her fascination with the objects leads in her work to artistic expressive synthesis. She combines rich colours with intensive light in her abstract works. Very often paintings and sculptures are created as one composition. Title: MADEIRA (acrylic).

Patricia Blasco: After finishing her studies in Fine Arts in Spain, and having obtained an Erasmus grant in Palermo (Italy), she has developed all the technical knowledge in drawing, painting and sculpture. She represents the human figure in different ways. “The old persons are the protagonist of my last works.” Titles: Arrugas de Victoria x 2; Arrugas de Carolina. Watercolours.

Geraldine Baxter graduated with a first class in Sculpture. She works in varied mediums ranging from sound art to knitting. The work presented here is concerned with the perception of physical beauty being hard wired into our being and based on how closely the features of one’s face reflect phi in their proportions. The Golden Ratio. The ideal beauty and how humans are exploited through the passive exposure to advertising that we all experience every day and how the brain expends only 2 percent of its energy on conscious activity, with the rest devoted largely to unconscious processing. Title: brain-whispering.

John Lloyd Williams: Originally from Wales he has lived in London for over 40 years, mostly in Hanwell. Having just recently retired he has finally been provided with the opportunity to paint and draw, for which he previously had little time. He works in oil, watercolour and pastel, mostly figurative landscapes, but the repertoire is quite diverse. Titles: Steel Works at Night, Port Talbot; Homage to Kiefer – Sunflowers; Burnham Beeches; The Jetty.

S R Jimmy: Born in Bangladesh. Academic background: Studied English Literature and Linguistics. Did BA and MA (double) in Bangladesh and Sweden. He took part in three group art exhibition in London and University of Lancashire. The last one took place in January that called Anti Gallery Gallery Show at Espacio Gallery. He took part in a group show at W3 gallery before. He has been living in London since 2006. He used to do paintings before but in the last few years he mainly does ‘conceptual works’. Publications: European Time (Collection of poems); The illusion of creating a text (Literary theory). Title 1: American Gothic 2. This is a holographic image that changes the content as the audiences move positions. The work is inspired by Marcel Duchamp and Pop Art; as well as by Walter Benjamin’s observations written in ‘The work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproductions). Title 2: Plastic Age: It is made of a onetime use plastic fork. With the work a quotation by Andy Warhol will be displayed that is: "I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They're so beautiful. Everything's plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic."

SJUPM is 20 years old and has been drawing ever since she can remember. “It is something that I do naturally, for fun and self-expression I am self-taught. I did Art at school, primary and Secondary. I had done a 6 week work placement at company that does cartoons for TV which I really enjoyed. I have no professional experience. The Art work that I do is on an Art Pad.” Title: Don’t talk to me and weird science. Digital Art.

Polina Porotikova: Born in S.-Petersburg (Russia) and has been living in London for 20 years. She is a member of Ealing art group. Titles: Yellow flower; Flowers in a pot; Still life with a candle.

Vivienne Caley: Lives in Ealing and has had paintings exhibited in London and in the U.S.A.. Titles: Creation; Creation 11; Creation 111. Watercolours.

Baciu Dorel: is the brother of artist, whose work is a decorative art painted manually with gold leaf, are unique and are only seven copies. Title: ‘Gold leaf’

Irina Afonina: Local artist living in Ealing. Titles: “Flying Daisies”; “Eastbourne”; “Meadow” acrylic on canvas.

Robert Burrows: Local Acton artist. Titles: Mixed media on canvas; Cup with Apple, Oil on canvas.

Paul Fisher has been a practicing artist for over 15 years now his interests are abstract and landscapes. He is also interested in photography. Titles: Abstract Stencils; Don’t distract me.

Peter Zielinski: Peter’s work is figurative and expressive, and takes influence from the Fauist movement. Titles: Armistice (mixed media); Untitled I (mixed pastels); Untitled II (acrylic).

Wumi Olaosebikan [Artist Name: Wumzum] Illustrator, Animator, Character designer and Muralist. Wumi Olaosebikan [Wumzum - Artist name] Grew up in east london, fashioned in the alternative culture. Founded the creative storytelling collective Beddow n Battini in 2009 and has been running it ever since, springing off other projects such as the Collective Creative Gamers. My Work Speaks stories of Urban living and youth through credible visual storytelling with a touch of fantasy. Titles: Shred And Let Go: Black to the Future; Tamiya the Investigator; South Acton Estate. 2014. Digital illustration and animation. Digital Illustration.

Maciek Matwiejszyn: is a photographer. Title: Art hits the streets (photography)