Melting points and celebrate the peculiarities of Eastern cultures, Asian and Eastern Europe is the main focus of TOYO Art Design, which has opening event on march 25th, 2015 (wednesday), from 3pm, in Pinheiros in São Paulo (Brazil).

The inaugural exhibition, called "Art-object: Ceramics", is highlighted by ceramic and concentrated works of artists and Akinori Miha Nakatani, Alberto Cidraes, Ina Uehara, Mayy Koffler, Osvaldo Perez, Marcelo Tokai and Luciane Sakurada, Mario and Mieko Ukeseki, Kimiko Suenaga and Gardener, Nobuo Mitsunashi, Tomie Ohtake, Kazuo Wakabayashi and Kiji Maru. Martinuzzo Giuliano, who is also part of the show, performs a live painting on the opening day.

The showcase, which features an installation designed by Igor Miyahara, always will host works of artists and designers guests and do not necessarily have relation with current exposure. Pieces from designers like Ota Design (Marisa Ota), Estudio Manus, Heloisa Galvão and the Italian Selab Design will also be marketed in near future. The event has partnered with Galeria Deco, led by Miss Hideko Suzuki.

About TOYO

Designed by São Paulo architect Igor Miyahara, the space will focus exhibition and sale of works of art and design (of native artists and descendants of the crop), and western artists. The TOYO name means "oriental" in japanese and emerged during the shodô classes (japanese calligraphy using sumie, coal-based ink on rice paper) that Miyahara attends.

The site has 140 m2, vertical garden in double height and you want to meet a gap in the art and design market, selling pieces of R$ 150 to R$ 50 thousand. "My main intention is to raise the category of ceramic art, as is seen in Asia and Europe," says Igor Miyahara, who has lived in Japan, the land of their grandparents. He has 18 years of experience, working in residential, commercial and corporate projects, has passed for offices such as Fernanda Marques.

"Art-object: Ceramics" - group exhibition

Akinori e Miha Nakatani, Alberto Cidraes, Iná Uehara, Kenjiro Ikoma, Mayy Koffler, Osvaldo Perez, Marcelo Tokai e Luciane Sakurada, Mario e Mieko Ukeseki, Kimiko Suenaga, Leí Galvão, Tomie Ohtake, Nobuo Mitsunashi, Kiji Maru, Kazuo Wakabayashi and Giuliano Martinuzzo

All images: Courtesy of TOYO Art Design