Fly me to the moon is an original project created by LUDO, the street-art’s rising star, in Shanghai from November 2014 to March 2015, as the result of his first trip in this city. The whole project is exhibited for the first time at the Magda Danysz gallery from March, 21st to May, 16th 2015. The exhibition shows together a series of works on canvas around a specific recurring pattern, sculptures and a video about his adventure in Shanghai and even the “work in progress”.

Born in 1976 in Paris, Ludo sticks up his gigantic vegetable-robotics creatures in the streets all around the world since 2007. By bringing back the nature in the city, he makes the urban landscape wake up. Having quickly become the one to follow, he exhibits at the Centre Georges Pompidou as soon as 2013 his work marked by the recurrent use of his emblematic fluo green. LUDO talks about our environment, about what touches us and tries to highlight kind of humility.

LUDO discovers Shanghai at the fall 2014 while he participates in the group show organized by the gallery beyond the walls. This experience is an important visual shock for him and at the same time a huge source of inspiration. Shanghai magnetizes him and he feels a sort of creative emergency. Pushed by the idea to capture the movement of the city, he creates a series of canvas in which the central figure is a bee with a gas mask around which he works the matter from dusts, fragments and other elements he takes from the streets. His esthetic is close to Kiefer. Here, the gleaned elements are sublimed and the artist gives them a new energy. For this exhibition, LUDO realizes also two really big canvas and eight audacious sculptures emblematic of his very particular esthetic.

Often called the new "French Warhol" for his inspiration taken from the mass culture that loves to provoke and create a message; LUDO quickly established in France and the United States, and his works are now reaching records in the auctions. For this first exhibition in Shanghai, he invites us to travel and escape through his imagination.