On Monday 9th February, the Norman Rea Gallery invites you to yet another unique exhibition. Located in the 3Sixty Room and Exhibition Space in the Ron Cooke Hub, this presentation will feature the videography of Máté Ternyik, with dance performance by Gábor Gágyor.

'Fluid Dynamics' will explore Ternyik's fascination with the dynamics of fluids - how they mix and interact with each other and their environment, while contemplating how human behaviour can relate to these physical phenomena. The exhibition will feature two video works - Turbulence I. and II.

Turbulence I. studies the movements of opaque fluids mixing with their transparent environment: water. This 360 degree projection overwhelms the senses and creates a unique, meditative atmosphere.

Turbulence II. takes the idea of artistic representation of fluids further by looking at street dancer Gábor Gágyor perform ‘Liquid Dance’. In this work Ternyik, using the unique capability of the RED Epic Dragon camera to record 150 images per second, examines how this non-institutionalized branch of dancing is inspired by the world of physics.

‘Fluid Dynamics’ will therefore raise questions about the ways in which human beings interact with their environment.

To what extent do we behave, act and react like fluids?