The Norman Rea Gallery’s first exhibition of the year features animation/video installations, sculpture, ceramics and drawings from four artists to creating a varied and exciting experience of the exhibition.

With work from four artists from Brighton and Suffolk, “Transformations” focuses on pieces that aren’t what they seem. Viewers are encouraged to look past the immediate identity of an object and see something more within; whether it be different shapes, colours, objects or abstract figures.

Saskia Martindale: "I’m currently in my second year of studying illustration at Brighton University. Recently a lot of my work has been inspired by 2D objects being made three dimensional but still looking flat. I’m also getting into videography, through a ‘Motion’ module at university which has been interesting. A huge influence in my work has also been the human form, feeding its way into many different projects. There is something so raw about the figure and how it can be so many different shapes but still the same thing. I want to carry on investigating this through more mediums to see the outcomes."

Reuben Martindale: "I’m currently studying on an Art Foundation, hence still experimenting and establishing the way I work creatively and with what mediums I favour. However I hope to study Fine Art afterwards and begin to work within film, installations and painting more seriously. Since the projects I’ve been working on recently have been quite short & experimental I’ve found myself returning back to previous works. With new ideas and research I’ve been developing the negative space installation, building on ideas around light and shape. I’m influenced by the relationship between humans and nature and how the interaction leads to new forms. I’m inspired by recycling old forms into new and also quite the simplistic process of mark making has always run parallel to my work."

Rondi Park: "I'm studying Illustration in Brighton and currently trying to find a way to make people accept art as a "fun" experience. My works are largely influenced by all the arts that have been playful. Furthermore, apart from visually translating the entertainment element of art, I initially want to transform it into any kind of interaction that can interest people."