The 6th Street Container Alternative Art Space presents "Super Powers", a solo exhibition by artist Carla Fache.

In the exhibition, artist Carla Fache exposes her artistic quest for “Super Powers"; her proposal on searching life answers through colors; finding the connection with how she leads her life through hues rather than thoughts.

Through the “Super Power” canvas exhibition, Fache unlocks the power of light, sometimes geometrically, most of the time through just plain abstraction without pretension. The colors of her work are vibrant, with hues hard to tame and conquer. Through the use of vibrancy in her palette, she has come to discover the meaning of “Super Powers,” as those of the Super Heroes we all grew up with.

Carla Fache’s powers come from the brush and the spatula or even her bare hands. Once she touches the canvas, the magical vibrancy happens and translates to art and her answers about life.

Since an early age, Fache has explored the interrelation between the energies; how nature and artificial coexist, and how things obtain the power to be. In this exhibition, her proposal deals with the discovery of light -which then transforms into color- as a way to perceive existence.

Carla Fache was born in Santiago, Chile. She works and lives in Miami since 2001. Her artwork has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including venues in New York, London, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Miami. Some of the places where her work has been exhibited are: Cisneros Fontanels Arts Foundation, The Bass Museum of Art, Lowe Art Museum, Florida Museum for Women Artists, Coral Gables Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art and Cambridge Art Association-Boston.

Fache’s work has been included in many publications, such as: “Celeste Prize International 2011” New York, “White Hot Magazine”, “New York Art Collectors Book” NY, “Five centuries of Art” LA, “Libro de Arte Ibero Americano Contemporaneo” Argentina, “Studio Visit Magazine” by New American Paintings, Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, Knight Arts, Miami New Times, SunPost, Sun-Sentinel among others.