Everyone has a routine, i.e. all the actions and behaviors that we keep repeating day after day and that make us feel comfortable. Not all the habits are bad or negative.

There are high-impact routines and low-impact routines. High-impact routines move us towards the direction we want, they make us better and take us to the next step. We need this kind of routines to reach the happiness. Low-impact routines steal our energy, move us far from our dreams, and spoil our relationships. They make us become the worst version of ourselves. Which routine do you want to choose?

According to several psychological studies, we need 21 days to change or introduce a new habit. The year has just started and I’m sure you have set many objectives and New Year’s resolutions. We have thought about launching a 21 day challenge for you: choose one or two habits among those you can find below and put it into practice for 21 days. Let us know how it went!

1. Do something for you early in the morning

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Are you among those who check emails, Facebook and other social media platforms? This behavior affects negatively our productivity and focus. Allow yourself 15 minutes early in the morning to do what makes you feel good: meditation, breathing exercises, reading inspirational quotes or books. Or simply, enjoy every bite of your breakfast without distractions and sharing that precious moment with the people you love.

2. Spend 10 minutes to think about what went well

Before going to bed, think about what went well during the day, even if it seems a small success. This will help you counting your blessings and go forward your personal growth.

3. Take a picture everyday

For the next 21 days, look carefully around you and take a picture of what inspires you. Then write a brief capture or a small paragraph to describe your feelings. This exercise will help you to increase your focus and feeling grateful for the beauty and the magnificence that surround you.

4. Let your creativity flow

Creating something from scratch gives us a sense of completeness and satisfaction. Choose something you like (painting, drawing, writing, coloring, sewing, etc.) and let your creativity flow.

5. Learn something new

Learning something new makes us happy. It can be learning new words in a foreign language, a new hobby or trying out a new recipe: learn something new every day.

6. Teach something every day

Sharing our gifts and unique talents makes us feel useful and happy. What do people ask your help for? How can you help those around you (family, friends, and colleagues)?

7. Use positive words

The words you use create your world. For the next 21 days, choose carefully the words to express yourself. Spread positive vibes is good for you and for whom listens to you.

8. Throw away things you don’t need anymore

Cleaning up externally helps you to clean up some of your internal clutters as well. Every day throw away something you don’t need anymore. It might be not that easy at the beginning. Most of the times, we are afraid of detaching from things we think we can’t live without. This prevents us to let them go. Day by day, it will get easier to identify the things you really need and get rid of those we don’t need.

9. Improve your diet

We are what we eat. Introduce small habits to improve your diet. Drinking warm water, better with some lemon juice, eliminates toxins and makes your skin glow. Eating more fruits and vegetables, better if raw, gives you more energy and vitality.

10. Exercise at least 20 minutes every day

Taking care of your body makes you feel good. It’s enough to choose an activity you enjoy doing, like walking, running, dancing or doing meditation and being constant. When you love yourself, you can love other people.

Sharing your objectives reinforces your commitment. The Blessyou! Community is always here to help you. What habit(s) do you want to change or start? Send me a comment!