Graphic Studio Gallery's wonderful annual winter exhibition ‘Celebrating Tradition’ presents a unique collection of newly released fine art prints by Graphic Studio Dublin members and gallery artists, demonstrating a plethora of printmaking techniques, styles and themes which focus on traditions - breaking them and creating new ones.

These framed artworks are an innovative and affordable gift; a treasured piece of fine art that can be taken home and enjoyed in time for Christmas. Artists include: Sophie Aghajanian, James Allen, Jean Bardon, Cliona Doyle, Tim Goulding, Louise Leonard, Stephen Lawlor, Mary Lohan and Bernadette Madden, among others.

Additionally, we'll be launching our Sponsors Portfolio 2015, showcasing the work of Colin Davidson, Niamh Flanagan, Jennifer Johnson, David Lunney & James McCreary. This unique and limited collection of prints and prose is the 6th portfolio in a series of 10, in what has proved to be a highly success collaboration between the visual arts and written word.

Alongside the exhibition our gallery will be taking part for the first time in Temple Bar TradFest 2015. We will be hosting ‘Session in the Gallery’ with artist Ruth O'Donnell, musician Nick Roth and sound artist Keith Lindsay, weaving together our visual abundance and musical heritage, which is so intrinsic to Ireland’s national identity. The session is the collaboration between Ruth and Nick, who will respond to each other’s work in front of a live audience on Wednesday 28th January 2015 from 6.30pm-8pm.

We will also host a ‘Drypoint Workshop’ with artists Niamh Flanagan and Clare Henderson on Saturday 31st January 2015. Over the course of an afternoon you will learn and delight in the fundamentals of drypoint printmaking and Chine Collé. Our workshops are accessible and informative, providing an environment for learning and experimentation.