Lefebvre & fils Gallery presents the first Parisian solo show of Anne-Sophie Yacono from 14 January until 6 March 2015, Paris. Throughout her ceramic pieces, the Nantes artist opens wide Les Portes de Chatteland, an intimate world, sensual and fanciful.

Nantes, Beaux-Arts graduate, Anne-Sophie Yacono works with painting, clay, lithography or performance. Her intimate work, centered on skin and flesh, swings between life urge and death drive, pleasure and suffering, happiness and expiation. Carnivalesque, Anne-Sophie Yacono’s art work recalls Dante and Rabelais. It turns values upside down by collecting in a large list of artistic references - Paul McCarthy, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Anselm Kiefer... - cinematographic ones - Catherine Breillat, Anaïs Nin, Luis Bunuel... - and literary models - Lautréamont, Despentes...

For her first solo show in Paris, Anne-Sophie Yacono opens wide Les Portes de Chatteland (Chatteland’s doors), a utopia created by her art pieces, where, in a party without any beginning or end, eroticism covers and uncovers in a former purgatory which became a pleasure fortress. Evocations of the female sex, sea monsters or kitsch money-boxes, Anne-Sophie Yacono’s clays are unseizable as they are parts of a permanent carnival.

Born in1987, Anne-Sophie Yacono lives and works in Nantes. A graduate of the Nantes Beaux-Arts, she was presented at the 59th Montrouge Fair in 2014. Her influences lie between artists Elmar Trenkwalder, Dorothea Tanning, Gregor Schneider, Adriana Valejao, Vassily Kandinsky and Jean Dubuffet. Anne-Sophie Yacono’s search through clay, painting, performance or lithography leads to farcical works between science-fiction, mysticism and intimacy.