Elisa Contemporary Art presents “Global Perspective” at our Riverdale Gallery. The exhibit opens on November 15th and runs through January 5th. Global Perspective is sweeping look at the creativity around the globe. The exhibit will feature international artists:

  • Canadian artist, Marie Danielle Leblanc
  • Iranian Mixed media artist, Aida Izadpanah
  • Colombian artist, Alexis Duque
  • Turkish artist, Yasemin Kackar-Demire

The landscapes of Marie Danielle Leblanc and Alexis Duque travel from deeply saturated abstracted worlds to acutely detailed inner spaces and architectural buildings. Turkish artist, Yasemin Kackar-Demirel melds these two worlds incorporating realistic cityscapes with glimpses of imagined worlds. Iranian artist, Aida Izadpanah finds inspiration in peeling walls of homes and subways, rich with history and decay. While Uruguayan artist, Adriana Rostovsky is drawn to transforming into art discarded materials filled with tales and stories.

The exhibit continues at The Design Studio in Bridgehampton at 2393 Main Street. In that exhibit, Global Perspectives also feature the artwork of: Chinese artist, Mimi Chen Ting; Scottish glass artist, Kenna MacKay, Taiwanese artist, Amy Cheng and Taiwanese illustrator, James Chen-Feng Kao.

Yasemin Kackar Demirel

Yasemin’s work is a fragmented and reconstructed journey through the places she has lived or imagined. Born in Istanbul, she received her MFA at DeKalb (IL), and now currently resides in New York.

According to Yasemin, her latest series:
“Explores the rise and fall of places through physical and emotional conducts. I like to work with random juxtapositions of places in nature and the urban environment and re-present them in puzzling and surprising contexts. I am intrigued by the idea of fragmenting and connecting which reinvestigates a place by reconstructing or renovating while destroying it..”

Yasemin has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in the US and Turkey.

Alexis Duque

Alexis Duque was born in Colombia 1971, he currently lives and works in New York. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Antioquia, Colombia. His works rely on just a few colors. Notwithstanding the use of acrylic paint, he makes the influence of illustration apparent, equally attending to all of the aspects of the painted surface without leaving anything to chance. The Colombian artist introduces architectural features that are characteristic of the Western Civilization, from ancient Greece and Rome: columns, capitals, and niches. They are symbols of the bygone ruling culture and the aesthetic model of the European colonizers, now an integral part of daily life of the populations of Latin America.

His work has been exhibited in numerous venues including: at El Museo del Barrio, The Drawing Center and Praxis International Gallery in New York; The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), Long Beach, CA; Champion Contemporary, Austin, TX; RudolfV Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands and Galleri Oxholm in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Aida Izanpanah

Iranian artist Aida Izadpanah possesses a widely diverse repertoire of media and styles. From a young age, Aida learned to paint on fine (china) porcelain by studying under internationally acclaimed experts, specializing in European styles as well as ethnic Persian motifs and modern designs.

Since moving to New York City in 2005, Aida has derived strong inspiration from the City’s particular spirit. A new trend in her painting reflects these qualities, which she finds emerging from inconspicuous microcosms. Walls comprised of painted and mixed media renderings of photographs by the artist of corroded and decayed subway station pillars, are a source of great creative energy for Aida. This series represents what she believes to be the beauty that exists in unexpected places and in unconventional methods. She has exhibited in solo and group shows in New York and worldwide since 2005.

Marie Danielle Leblanc

Canadian artist, Marie Danielle Leblanc, was born in Trois-Rivières (Quebec) and has lived and worked in Montreal (Quebec) since 1990. Her paintings transform landscapes into poetic worlds. Her deeply saturated palettes bring new life to the sea, land and sky. And she transports her viewers to timeless and imaginary landscapes. During her travels, she likes to write down her thoughts, make a note of the weather or the name of a place, take pictures and collect images. Leblanc’s travel diary is an ideal instrument for her. Whether she is driving on the highway or in the open country, walking on never-ending beaches or rocks stroked by the sea, it is through her travels that the artist captures landscapes that stretch into the vista.

She has participated in twenty solo exhibitions, and more than fifty group exhibitions. Her work has also been shown throughout Canada and in Paris, Sydney, Mexico and Tokyo.

Adriana Rostovsky

Born in Uruguay, Adriana Rostovsky trained as an architect. Her art is informed and driven by a European history of conservation. This childhood penchant for collecting “unusable items” evolved into an adult passion for treasuring day to day objects and giving them new life in the form of combined media in relief.

As an adult, Rostovsky has traveled around the world, immersing herself in different cultures. As a visual artist, Rostovsky is drawn to transforming into art discarded materials that bring extensive history with them. She has been engaged on an international basis in many interdisciplinary projects, with focus on sustainability. Her artwork has been in group and solo exhibitions in Uruguay, Holland, Connecticut, and New York.