On Friday, November 7th, the John Pence Gallery, located at 750 Post Street in San Francisco, near Union Square, will open an exhibition of recent oil paintings by Jacob A. Pfeiffer. The gallery will host a reception for the artist on November 7th from 6:00 to 8:00pm. The exhibition will remain on view to the public through December 1, 2014.

Jacob A. Pfeiffer is a mid career artist who hails from and now works in Madison Wisconsin. Pfeiffer graduated from the University of Wisconsin, in 1997, with highest honors. He first exhibited with John Pence in 1999 and has shown with the gallery in one man shows on eight separate occasions. In addition to being a permanent member of the gallery’s stable since 1999, he has also shown in other galleries in New York, Santa Fe, N.M., Alexandria VA., Pueblo, CO., and Cape Cod, MA. He is also a veteran of several Museum shows around the country and his work can be found in numerous public and prestigious private collections. He is admired by collectors and his fellow artists as well.

Pfeiffer’s latest collection of works include an impressive array of still life paintings. He is well known for his unique wit and whimsy. His paintings are executed with painstaking care and convey a strong sense of dimensionality. His exuberant use of color is legend and his compositions are bold and compelling. He dares to present very large works and his small compositions are chocked full of humor and puns. Collectors find his titles to be works of written art in themselves.