This exhibition evolved last year when a number of artists came together to showcase the prints that they had been making over a period of time. The journey that the artist takes to create a body of work can take many years as the artist explores, discovers and develops a theme or an idea. Over months, years or decades these prints have been exhibited individually and for this exhibition the series was shown as a collective.

The 2013 artists involved were Jean Bardon, Gráinne Cuffe, Stephen Lawlor, Ruth O’Donnell and Paula Pohli, proving to be a great success both for avid followers of these particular artists and for the artists themselves, who rarely get to show an extensive series of work at the same time.

As a result, in 2014 we brought together a new group of artists, Cliona Doyle, Niamh Flanagan, Kelvin Mann and James McCreary, who over the past number of years, have also being working in this fashion, collecting work that is inextricably pulled together by a constant theme, mood or medium.

Variations on a Theme II will bring you the floral delights of Cliona Doyle, with the beautiful velvety mezzotints of James McCreary, the alphabet spectacular of Kelvin Mann and the thoughtful, atmospheric etchings of Niamh Flanagan. These prints together are a labour of love for the artist and historic reference for those who view them.