Graphic Studio Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition of artist Tom Phelan. Phelan retired as studio manager and master printmaker at Graphic Studio Dublin to concentrate on his own work, after committing over twenty years to the renowned Dublin print workshop.

A move to Vienna followed, where he set up his own workshop and editioning studio Black Spot Press, working on a press kindly given to him by the family of the late Barry Flanagan. This has since been joined by a larger press made by artist James McCreary.

Since then, Phelan has collaborated with numerous Austrian and international artists and musicians, including the English indie band Tindersticks.

The new works in this show are based on his surroundings and various influences through music, the cities of Vienna and Hamburg, and his passion for surfing and the sea. The latter is highlighted by Phelan's acute, uneasy awareness of being landlocked in Central Europe and what he calls his "sea sickness", which most notably manifests itself in his series "Lipsticks", the name given to the first colourful fiberglass surfboards after World War II on the West Coast of America.

Mostly working in the medium of woodblock print, Phelan’s use of repeat patterns, balance and colour create a body of work that is contemporary, exciting and distinctive, while also showcasing his high technical skills.