The galerie Pascal Cuisinier will hold its exhibition ‘100 sièges français, 1951-1961’ (100 French chairs 1951-1961) from September 6th to October 6th 2014 at the Jean-Michel Wilmotte exhibition space in the heart of the Marais area and at galerie Pascal Cuisinier itself on rue de Seine in Paris’ Saint-Germain-des-prés district.

This major exhibition aims to instruct and inform, and will shed new light on the changes in aesthetics, materials and construction techniques that revolutionized chair design in 1950s France. Tubular metal legs, flat springs, the use of latex foam and elastic strapping – all these innovations first appeared in the 1950s. Taken together, they represent one of the most radical departures from tradition ever seen in the history of furniture design, both in France and the world over.

Over the past ten years, galerie Pascal Cuisinier has been collecting chairs, armchairs, sofas, low chairs and benches produced between 1951 and 1961 by the most cutting-edge designers of the time, including René-Jean Caillette, Genevieve Dangles and Christian Defrance, Pierre Guariche, Joseph-André Motte, Pierre Paulin as well as designs from the Atelier de Recherches Plastiques (ARP).

Around one hundred designs will be on public display, spread over the two exhibition venues. The finest pieces will be on show between October 15th to 19th 2014 at PAD London, the unmissable international modern art, design and decorative arts fair par excellence.

Since 2006, Galerie Pascal Cuisinier has strongly promoted the first generation of modern French designers. These individuals epitomized the ultra-modern character of 20th century design in their works. Their furniture, produced between 1951 and 1961 with a view to being mass-produced, is characterized by an emphasis on functionality, technical innovation and elegance.

Pascal Cuisinier’s motto is « expect excellence ». This can be seen in the painstaking care he takes to select only the best works from this period, the catalogue raisonnés he has produced and the meticulously-crafted displays on show in the gallery and at the biggest art fairs around the world.

Located on the Rue de Seine, Galerie Pascal Cuisinier is the gallery in which to find the works of the first modern French designers. Its founder has made a significant contribution to research into both the historical and aesthetic aspects of French furniture design between 1951 and 1961. He has helped shed light on the avant-garde spirit behind the designs of J. Abraham and D.J. Rol, R.J. Caillette, G. Dangles and C. Defrance, P. Guariche, A. Monpoix, M. Mortier, J.A. Motte, P. Paulin, A. Philippon, J. Lecoq and A. Richard, as well as on the work of key light fitting designers J. Biny, P. Disderot and R. Mathieu.