In March 2018, the gallery will focus on french midcentury design in the Public Collections. The gallery will offer the most beautiful pieces of its collection, which is also displayed in public institutions.

French institutions have been the first to be interested in this generation of designers born between 1920 and 1930.

An entire floor in the Musée des arts décoratifs ( MAD ) is dedicated to that period and is being completely repurposed.

Exhibitions such as « Mobi Boom, l’explosion du design en France 1945-1970 » in 2010 at the MAD and « Pierre Paulin » a Retrospective Exhibition in 2016 at the Pompidou center contributed to show to the public this important section in the history of Decorative Arts of the XXfith century. Despite these large and curated public collections, a few pieces are exhibited within permanent collections, due to the lack of space available.

This is one of the reason why the gallery decided to give a special highlight and focus on these ligh- tings, seats and furniture throughout a choice of thirty iconic works.

The gallery Pascal Cuisinier pays a tribute and an hommage to the public institutions in this special curation.