The 3-D Foundation is pleased to present MUTATIONS at the Verbier 3-D Sculpture Park from 5 July. This exhibition presents five new works created during the biennial six-week Artist Residency that occurred from the end of May until the beginning of July in Verbier, Switzerland. The exhibition celebrates the development of monumental sculpture in the context of the Alps and is part of the Label’Art 2014 initiative in Valais.

The curatorial premise for the 2014 3-D Artist Residency was MUTATIONS by London (Tate) curator Paul Goodwin: What are the emerging forms of mutation in contemporary art practices? How can contemporary art transform our understanding of the complex entanglements caused by proliferating mutations in the environment and society? Can artists mutate/remix/re-vision our understanding of society, environment and culture?

The artists were invited to live in the reclusive mountain town of Verbier and become fully immersed within the context of place encouraging them to consider the relationship of their practice to not only the proposed theme, but also to existing pieces, the landscape features, history and current perspective of the site. This year’s artists were chosen based on their interest in experimentation and desire to push the medium of sculpture forward, keeping it alive by experimenting with both the possibilities of materials and the capabilities of space in connection with the viewer.

Andrea Hasler (CH) born in 1975 in Zürich, Switzerland, and currently lives and works in London, has developed two sculptures and one video work for the Park. The works touch on the seclusion, exclusivity and hybridity of the mountain town of Verbier. Her first work, Avant/Aprés consists of a red carpet scenario in the mountain landscape with no indication which boundary is the VIP side to aspire to be or which one we may be held back from. In relation to this year’s theme, the work points at the lack of actually physical mutation and the desire to be different or transform. The intestine-like rope made of resin and wax, references the non-physical aspect of desire, highlighting the fact that underneath we are all the same. Perishable Goods is a pallet of compressed flesh (utilising the same process) bulging out, yet held together and at the same time, adorned with luxury chains. With the impression of the work being crudely dropped into the Sculpture Park, the work suggests the intensity and intrusion of the change of population in Verbier in the winter months whilst referencing the stark contrast of the need for emergency aid food pallets dropped off in disaster zones. The video installation 'Avant/Aprés' developed during the Residency will be released later this year.

This year’s Residency and exhibition has been developed with American Curator and new Valais resident Alexa Jeanne Kusber.

Mutations has been produced with support from Commune de Bagnes, Téléverbier, La Loterie Romande, Verbier St-Bernard, Le Bec/ Mountain Air, Etat du Valais: Etincelles, ECAV, W Hotel Verbier, Factory Design Labs, Rossier Transports, Verbier Rentals, Martinetti Frères SA, Paul Maret, Manenti Farquet, Net+, Hilaire Besse, Corthay Bois, Pangas, Kunstrasen Profi, Vieux Verbier and Vignabagnes.

Preview clip of 'Avant/Après', Video Installation by Andrea Hasler 2014 from Andrea Hasler on Vimeo.

Verbier 3-D Sculpture Park

Verbier 1936 Switzerland

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  1. Perishable Goods (close up), 2014, 130 x 90 x 105cm, (wooden pallet, wood, metal, resin, wax)
  2. Avant/Après', video Installation 02, 2014/15, bizarre imagery of an unsuitably dressed luxury tourist in a cocktail dress and high heels searching for the VIP area on the Swiss mountains equipped with a red carpet, vip gold poles and an intestine rope. Strange scenes highlighting this innermost struggle, the exhaustion and desire to belong
  3. Perishable Goods (mountain 01), 2014, 130 x 90 x 105cm, (wooden pallet, wood, metal, resin, wax)

All images © Andrea Hasler