The internationally renowned Italian artist Rabarama, Paola Epifani (1969), exhibits her work from 11 March at Gallery Van Loon & Simon. Along with large exhibitions in China, Australia and the United States this pioneering artist will also be featured in Vught, the Netherlands. For this exceptional exhibition the charming Mary's Church next to the gallery is opened for hersculptures and paintings to be exhibited. The artist will be present Sunday, March 11th where, in a personal interview, she can tell more about her work.

Rabarama is known for her powerful sculptures with which she has begun a quest to the predestination of man. The individual as a biological computer, programmed by the human genome. It reflects this idea to envelop her sculptures in a membrane or sheath, covered with a labyrinth of different units. This symbolizes the genome, an emotional maze or the structure of the human "ego" where the will, according to the artist, is determined by, but where every individual tries to free itself from. The paradox of human existence.

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