New River Fine Art is proud to announce its participation in Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2022 art fair with “Colorology”. This curated exhibition of Contemporary Art applauds current artistic approaches and aesthetics that maximize bold and bright colors in an exploration of artistic iconology and abstract art serenity. “Colorology” is a testimony to the science of color and its impact on mankind, within the gallery’s context of a jovial tribute to the contemporary, featuring artists: Dominic Besner, Mr. Brainwash, Andrew Cotton, Estella Fransbergen, Jennifer JL Jones, Marlene Rose, and Hunt Slonem.

Each artist uses “color” as a tool, mechanism, and dominate feature in their works to seduce the viewer. The psychological influences in this personal perception can be found in the exhibition’s Bunnies, Art-World Bad Boys, Buddhas, Bodies, and Banksy that make for a playful Pop Art pageantry of yellows, reds, greens, and blues. Jennifer JL Jones’ sweeping gestures of elegancy and explosions of color build up sensual layers of paint that give rise to a magical realm of blossoming extravagance, while Andrew Cotton’s portraits are colorfully complex compositions juxtaposing contemporary icons with a combination of unique visual nomenclatures specific to the subjects.

Hunt Slonem, the colorful monarch and jubilant Contemporary Art mastermind entices the viewer with vibrant and lively colors in his imaginative wonderland of butterflies, birds, and bunnies. Mr. Brainwash wrangles with our collective psyche to commandeer our mind’s eye as he thrusts forward a vivacious encounter of his fragmented explosions of popular culture psychodelia. The showmanship and personality flows from hand to canvas in such an unequivocal way, that nothing is obscured in the transmission of transcendental pop art pizzazz.

Rounding out the curatorial selections are the magnificent and melodramatic matriarchs of Dominic Besner’s portrait paintings, the exquisitely bejeweled feminine form by Estella Fransbergen, and the meditative glassworks by Marlene Rose.