Ranging from 24-ct gold glazes to diverse types of bronze patina – pearly white, traditional bronze, and highly polished bronze – Estella Fransbergen female form sculptures differ in color as well as aesthetic. Her sculptural dresses radiate a special kind of energy, drawing power from the regal and elegance of materials.

In her journey and artistic narrative, the metaphorical use of the human torso represents nature. Each of her pieces uses materials such as pearls, quartz stones, diamonds, sapphires, and amber. Every gemstone is hand-picked, and hand-placed by the artist to complete the customized look. By channelling ancient science, she can recount and maximize each stone’s symbolic meaning through visual display.

Fransbergen’s artwork has been on display in museums and exhibitions throughout the world, including The Netherlands, Belgium, Singapore and across the United States and Canada. She recently completed a sculpture that includes 68 diamonds inset into the collar of the female figure, an artwork that is the centrepiece of a 253-meter mega yacht.

“I like to use materials that are a representation of Mother Nature’s beauty. I use clay for my torsos, but also bronze and glass. Sometimes I’m given jewellery, glass, or other elements to make into a memorial piece, and it’s always an honor to work with materials and elements that have a deep meaning to someone, such as the pieces from my friend John Zidek,” said Estella.

Estella Fransbergen, recently unveiled one of her latest, unique works of art at New River Fine Art, a memorial piece to the late artist and sculptor, John Zidek. The piece includes 54 original, handblown glass flowers from Zidek, and is one of the sculptures currently on display and only available at the Fort Lauderdale-based gallery.

“We feel the sophistication found in Estella Fransbergen’s artwork appeals to many of our clients and collectors. The juxtaposition of stones like rubies, crystal and diamonds, within the structure of the human form, can be an attraction to anyone seeing beauty in these unique creations,” said Lisa Burgess, President, New River Fine Art.

Estella Fransbergen joined the New River Fine Art gallery in May 2021, as one of its new artists in the roster.