Sabrina Santi
Joined Meer in March 2021
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Sabrina Santi

Born and raised in Veneto, Sabrina has traveled the world extensively since she was a child, thanks to a curious and adventurous parent. Inherited the restlessness of her father, Sabrina has continued to travel far and wide, since travelling represents the condition that makes her constantly happy.

An immeasurable passion for geographical maps, even nautical ones since she started sailing, Sabrina never stops planning trips, even those a stone's throw from home, since for her walking is the best therapy to set ideas and creative thoughts in motion.

Telling stories and seeing the effect it has, is the other passion that led her to write since she was a child.

With a master's degree in Business Administration in her pocket, it was almost natural that dealing with travel in a professional manner was her destiny: in 1999 she founded a tour operator, Fandango Tour, which orchestrates extraordinary trips for curious and demanding international clients since then.

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