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Joined Meer in September 2013
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Inês Valle

Inês Valle holds Degree in Painting and a Master in Curatorial Studies both from the Faculty of Fine Art of the University of Lisbon. Recently she conducted an internship as a curator assistant at Canberra Contemporary Art Space in Australia, through a Portuguese scholarship sponsored by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture’s program INOV-Art. Beyond the scope of this internship, she also took the opportunity to research about some of the conflicts that emerge in this territory, namely the contemporary indigenous art practice and the relations of power between “Politics” and Art Practice. She is an art curator and art writer based between Portugal, United Kingdom and Nigeria, where in the later she was invited to collaborate as a principal art curator at Omenka Gallery. She has been collaborating with several artists, curators and leading Art Institutions across the globe, and has organised several art exhibitions that function as critical discursive platforms focusing on the relations of power between politics, society and the art practice. From her last curatorial projects we can highlight “God Factor” at Tibaes Monastery in Braga; “Art Stabs Power: que se vayan todos!” at Plataforma Revólver (Lisbon) and at Bermondsey Project (London), as well as the exhibition “Gently I press the trigger” with the Palestinian artist Khaled Jarrar exhibited at Galerie Polaris (Paris) and One Gallery (Ramallah).

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