Katie Singer
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Katie Singer

Katie Singer is a writer and teacher. Her books include:

An Electronic Silent Spring (Rudolf Steiner Books, 2014; translated into Korean, reports on peer-reviewed studies about the health and environmental effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by devices and telecom infrastructure).

The Garden of Fertility (Avery/Penguin-Random House, 2004, explains a free, effective, natural method of family planning).

Honoring Our Cycles: A Natural Family Planning Workbook (New Trends, 2006).

Honoring Our Cycles in Africa (self-published, 2007, written at the request of African women, translated into Arabic, describes how female genital mutilation affects the menstrual cycle.

The Wholeness of a Broken Heart: a novel (Riverhead/Penguin-Random House, 1999; translated into Dutch and Hebrew; a selection of Barnes & Noble's Discover Great New Writers Award; about four generations of Jewish mothers and daughters, before, during and after the Holocaust).

Katie Singer now researches and writes about the Internet's energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, toxic waste and worker hazards. She spoke about the Internet’s footprint in the General Assembly at the United Nations' 2018 Forum on Science, Technology & Innovation.

In 2019, she spoke about the Internet’s impacts on climate disruption on a panel with the climatologist Dr. James Hansen.

She has given lectures and workshops about reducing our digital footprint, the health and environmental impacts of exposure to electromagnetic radiation from wireless technologies, natural family planning, and teaching writing at universities, community centers and conferences, including in Old Order Amish communities, in Guatemala and Brazil, and at South Boston High School.

She holds a bachelor's degree in education and literature from Antioch College.

She dreams that every smartphone user knows the supply chain of one substance in every smartphone.

Her websites include www.DearGreta.com, www.ourweb.tech and www.electronicsilentspring.com.

Katie lives in New Mexico, USA.

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