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Glauco Benigni

Born in Rome. Graduated in Sociology (Communication). Professional Journalist since 1981.

- Do you speak televisionese (1985)
- Re Media (1989)
- Apocalypse Murdoch (2004)
- YouTube, the Story (2008)
- Web Nostrum (2015)
- Hundreds of articles about TV, digital international environment and geopolitics (since 1978).

Professional activities
1976/1978 - President of a Private radio broadcaster owned by "La Repubblica" newspaper
1979/1986 - Media International Editor of the Daily Newspaper “La Repubblica”
1980/1996 - Consultant of many relevant media companies such as RAI - Mediaset - Sipra - Eutelsat – Polivideo.
Founder and director of “Mc Luhan & Co.” (fax weekly newsletter).
Head of Computer Graphic Dpt. at Mifed in Milan.
Author and host tv programmes about the Global Marketing (Odeon TV).
Head of International Relations of Festival Eurovisioni.
Project manager for new off-the-air pay tv channels (Raiuno, Cecchi Gori Group).
Co-founder of Contatto Edicola (a direct advertising network of news vendors). 1995 – RAI - Head of Relations with the International Press.
1996-1999 – RAI - Head of Promotion and Development of Rai International – Host tv programs.
1999 – 2013 – Rai - Head of Communication of Direzione Strategie Tecnologiche.

Didactics and teachings
1991/2015 - Courses on Global and Digital Communication for Public and Private Universities of Rome.

He is currently Director of the web tv "Homo Sapiens" and Secretary of the Pact for the defence of free information "Julian Assange".

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