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Ana Laura Oliveira Gasull

Born in Brazil but raised in the very Mediterranean Barcelona, Ana Laura earned a Bachelor's in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature. Lover of well-crafted stories and weaving words into beautiful and colorful tapestries, she devours books with great appetite but is never quite satisfied with the banquet. Still, reading in subways, coffee shops, or while lying on the grass constitutes her greatest pleasure, as well as analyzing the different world visions that authors create, recreate, and suggest with their work.

She is obsessed with the art of beekeeping and collecting editions of Jane Austen’s books, which is not a personality trait, but she wishes it were. She has also become the type of person that writes notes in the margins of her books —her teenage self would be appalled, but luckily her adult self is well aware that someday someone will inherit her library, and they might enjoy reading her hilarious thoughts and criticisms of character’s choices and actions.

She is a firm believer in Barthes’ theory that an author’s opinion of their own work counts for little to nothing, but Death of the Author can only truly apply when the author is… well, dead. Otherwise, authors should be held accountable for their actions and their words and, out of principle alone, she refuses to read anything by overtly racist, misogynistic, or homophobic authors who are still alive and who would benefit economically from her literary choices.

Her greatest achievement as of today is being born neither a millennial nor a gen-z kid, but something in between. As such, she is a victim of social media, imposter’s syndrome, and self-deprecating humor. She also feels silly writing this biography in third person, but would feel even sillier writing it in first person.

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