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Henry Sienra

Having been born in Mexico City in the fifties was like magic and, to a certain point, what I later identified as glamorous. At the time, living was more deliberate and a cleaner, less crowded urban sprawl made for the “Ciudad de los Palacios,” or City of Palaces due to its stately buildings, generous fountains, and beautiful monuments.

On my early thirties, I established my residence in the USA for a 20-year stay and attended high school, got GED certified (both in Los Angeles, CA) and earned a bachelor degree in Arts (English) at Provident University of Wilmington, DE.

Back in Mexico, I have taught English at IT University, and at Technologic Superior Institute, both in Veracruz, as well as high school. I have worked as an editor and translator for Nexus Tours in Cancun. Presently, I conduct research work for essay-writing in the creation of didactic material for universities worldwide (mainly of the US) for Livingston Research, based in London. I am also a freelance transcription agent for the University of Veracruz (UV) as part of a translation team.

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