Claudia Zanfi
Joined Meer in March 2020
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Claudia Zanfi

Claudia Zanfi, art historian and botanist, she loves gardens and photography.

She has created various cultural and editorial projects, dedicated to art, society, landscape.

In 2001 she created the international program "Green Island" for the enhancement of public space and new urban ecologies. She realizes the Green Island editorial series with various monographic titles, including Urban Flora and The Gardens of Piet Oudolf (author of High Line NYC).

She founds the landscape design studio "Atelier del Paesaggio", dedicated to the regeneration of abandoned public spaces, the creation of artist gardens and urban beehives in eco-design.

She collaborates with public and private institutions, international museums and foundations, UNESCO Heritage and Culture and the Council of Europe. She won the First Prize for Art Park in Mantua and the Timberland Prize for creativity and urban biodiversity. He is a finalist for the projects of Lausanne Jardins (CH) and the Biennial of Public Space (BCL).

She has signed texts and images in collective and monographic publications. She collaborates with art magazines, including: Artribune; Living - Corriere della Sera; Babelmed.

She has taught at the Master in Visual Arts at Accademia Belle Arti di Brera; at the International Master Urban Vision and Architectural Design, at Domus Academy in Milan; she is visiting professor at Middlesex University in London.

She is curator at various photographic archives including: Museo Alessi, Verbania; Franco Vaccari, Modena; Fondazione Fotografia/Galleria Civica di Modena. Since 1999 she has been chief curator for Bill Owens Photo Archives (author of Suburbia 1972), San Francisco (USA).

She participates at international exhibitions and conferences, in particular in the area of the Mediterranean and the Balkans, including: Venice Biennale; Istanbul Biennale; Athens Biennale; Moscow Biennale; Plovdiv/Sofia Biennale; Cairo Biennale; Tel Aviv Biennale; Liverpool Biennale; Arnolfini Art Center, Bristol; Tiblisi Photo Days; Tehran University.

She has also activated research and cultural projects at: Beirut, Nicosia, Alexandria, Tangier, Marseille, Sarajevo, Tirana, Skopie.

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