Nisha Baghadia
Joined Meer in March 2020
Nisha Baghadia

Nisha was bitten by the writing bug at a young age. She was a voracious reader and loved discovering new ideas in the books she read. It is a habit that has continued to this day. Her 2 passions of reading and writing have come together to make her an enthusiastic writer who loves sharing innovative ideas with her readers through her articles.

Her curious bent of mind always leads her to seek more knowledge and interesting information on a wide variety of subjects. It began with reading and learning more about mental wellness. Her favorite topics include lifestyle, relationships, and mental health. Her other interests are yoga and fitness, as well as health, fashion, and beauty. Her knowledge of these issues is often reflected in her writing.

Blogs are her preferred avenue for reading up on different kinds of articles. She follows bloggers who write on unique ideas and enjoys learning and being inspired by them. Her top priority these days is to continue honing her writing skills and creating the most appealing articles. She wants to keep learning and growing everyday so she can keep up with the latest trends in a world that never stops changing.

Writing aside, she also indulges in several other hobbies. She is a foodie who loves to travel and record her experiences in pictures. She is passionate about staying active and being outdoors, playing sports and keeping fit. A fashion enthusiast, Nisha loves experimenting with her outfits and enjoys staying up to date with the latest trends.

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