Irene Kukota
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Irene Kukota

Irene is a freelance journalist and curator with a diverse range of interests. She is based in London, UK. She writes about art, theatre, fashion, lifestyle, film, travel, and people. Her work has been published in The Art Newspaper and Art Newspaper Russia, House and Garden, The World of Interiors, Philanthropy Magazine, Art Focus Now, Art & Museum Magazine, Family Office Magazine, Russian Art and Culture, Russian Mind, Russia Beyond, Stage Voices, The Theatre Times, and others.

Irene holds her BA and MA in Modern Languages (German and Russian) and has taught English as a foreign language for several years, both privately and as a certified teacher. Communication was always at the centre of her professional interests, and she worked as interpreter and translator for educational, academic, and cultural institutions.

Irene also studied the art and literature of Late Antique Syria and Byzantium while doing her Masters degree at the University of Oxford and was active as Secretary to the Oxford Byzantine Society, organizing lectures, conferences, and congresses. In 2007, she was invited as a consultant for the documentary “Shroud of Turin: Material Evidence,” filmed by BAFTA Award-winning director David Rolfe. While at Oxford, Irene was also active as a tutor for theology and history students.

Growing increasingly interested in the professional art world, Irene completed her MA in Fine and Decorative Arts at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London, and acted as a guest lecturer there. Between 2005 and 2010, Irene worked as a consultant, cataloguer and translator for the now disbanded Icons department at Christie’s auction house. She also collaborated with the Royal Collection as researcher and translator in London, and she even taught Russian there.

Before stepping into her role as a London-based representative for the Art Newspaper Russia, Irene held an internship at the V&A Museum and also worked as a gallery associate for Aidan Meller in Oxford (Meller is currently known for having devised the Ai-Da Robot Project, the first ultra-realistic female humanoid robot artist).

In 2011, Irene stepped into her role as a London-based representative working for the Art Newspaper and acted as a managing correspondent for five years. After leaving her post in late 2016, she worked as a radio programme host, radio programme producer, and voiceover professional. Her programs featured various cultural and art events that took place in London and overseas.

Since 2019, Irene has been a freelance lecturer, art manager, and curator. She initiated the acclaimed contemporary sculpture project "Double Jeu" at Les Jardins d’Étretat, Normandy, France, and curated a 2019/2020 art show there, which was covered by numerous prestigious British, French, and other European media outlets. In 2021-2023, she ran the outdoor sculpture exhibition Until the Word is Gone at the University of Oxford. In the meantime, she co-curated The Suitcase, the project of activist artist Kostya Benkovich that was covered by such media as the Guardian, FAD, the Independent, and many others. She also taught art history at the University of Glasgow in 2021–2022, and she hopes to resume working with her alma mater, the University of Oxford, in 2024.

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