Kathryn Phelan
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Kathryn Phelan

Kathryn Phelan is a freelance writer and editor living in Dublin. She holds an M.Phil in creative writing from Trinity College Dublin and a BA in international relations and Spanish from Grand Valley State University (Michigan). She has recently completed an anthropological study about her experience living in Ireland as an American, pending publication 2020.

Kathryn has a passion for travel, language, exploration and cultural exchange. (According to her dad, the first time she was on an airplane, age seven, she laughed and laughed during takeoff. That glee hasn’t really diminished since then.) In addition to Ireland, she’s worked in Switzerland, Montenegro, Brazil and the UK; volunteer work has taken her to Spain and Mali, West Africa. She will take almost any opportunity to travel, and loves meeting new people along the way. Her writing has appeared in The Sun magazine, The Best American Sports Writing, Row360 magazine, and more.

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