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Bill Dahl

Bill Dahl is a Queretaro, Mexico, based writer and journalist. He is an award-winning photographer. He holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in from Washington State University. He has taught at the university and community college levels in the U.S.

He has been a featured speaker at seminars and conferences in the U.S. and abroad. During his business career, he was an independent consultant serving both privately held and publicly traded companies.

This work focused primarily on arranging multi-million dollar working capital credit facilities and turnaround consulting engagements. He was Senior Vice President and Western U.S. Regional Manager for a commercial lending group of Bank of America in Los Angeles, CA and The Chrysler Corporation in Seattle, WA.

His written work is widely published including - but not limited to - the subjects of U.S. culture, international relations, social justice, economics, corruption, and the environment.

Dr. Inga Kaul, (senior fellow at the Hertie School, Berlin, and non-resident fellow at the center for global development, Washington, DC. - and - director of the human development report office and the office of development studies at the United Nations development program (UNDP, NEW YORK) has recently stated:

Thank you, BIll. We need voices like yours! I will recirculate your writings widely.

He is the author of four books that can be found on Amazon. See his Amazon author page.

His most recent book (September 2020) is Regarding Reggie - Lessons About Life and Love Led by a Lab. The Second Edition of his novel - "Earth Interrupted" was also released in September 2020. His critically acclaimed book "Lake Chapala - Beneath the Surface - Considerations for Retiring in Mexico" was released in January 2019. This work is the product of several years of investigative journalism exploring the public health and environmental hazards that inhabit the Lake Chapala, Mexico area – a popular retirement destination for U.S. and Canadian expats.

He is currently working on a historical non-fiction book on financial crises. His current literary interests (2022-2023) include the non-fiction genres of global financial history, economic crises, perception, narrative economics, cognition, and cultural transmission.

Here's where you can reach Bill.

He is married to his best friend and their two Lab Retrievers.

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