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Michele Lucantoni

I was born in Rome on 3 April 1984. At one and a half year old I was singing folk songs and at twelve I won my first national poetry contest. I wanted to enroll at the art school but my mother worried about the child's working fortunes, she pushed me towards the scientific sector. In fact, I met a professor of philosophy who knew how to ignite my natural curiosity, so I decided to undertake the philosophical studies at the University of Roma Tre, after trying in vain to find the teaching secretariat of psychology at La Sapienza, at that time in an undergoing restructuring. During the academic career I worked with doctors, I created, disassembled and recreated with friends and professors a lot of laboratories of philosophical practice in search of a way to shorten the distance between what I was studying and what we really were. Keeping a constant intolerance for the conventional paths of the universities, after having tried for doctoral and similar competitions, I chose to change course and spend the last four years of my life grappling with the labors of a farm in Sardinia. Thanks to the Earth and the people with whom I lived, I discovered an unknown and beautiful Michele.

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