Luca Rosi
Joined Meer in December 2018
Luca Rosi

Luca Rosi, PsyD, PhD, MC, MPH, MMH, Fulbright scholar, is an international PH expert with a strong experience in the field of Training Methodology, Virtual and Advanced models of Learning, Human Resources Management and Communication Skills development. Since 1996 he has developed a qualified curriculum as technical consultant and Project Manager in Public Health projects with particular reference to planning, monitoring and Evaluation of Human Resources performances, both in social and health sector. He has performed over 20 years of professional collaboration as lecturer/faculty member with Universities and Academies at national and international level. He is currently a training and researcher associate at Harvard Medical School, through the Program in Refugee Trauma and host a professorship at St. John’s University in New York the field of Social Developments and Global Justice, and at the Faculty of Medicine at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He also serves as PH Advisor at the Faculty of Health Economics at Mc Gill University in Montreal, at Karolinska Institute and at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kragujevac in Serbia, and at the Faculty of Economy of University Sapienza of Rome where he teaches Welfare Economics, International Policies and Crisis Management.

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