Luana Trumino
Joined Meer in April 2018
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Luana Trumino

PR woman, author and creator of communication projects, living in Rome. For over 10 years I have been involved in wellness and in the spread of the health culture. I started my career as Event Manager of the international association Femme Santé Santé Femme, then I worked as editor and author for the Italian Magazine Più Sani Più Belli. During these experiences, I dealt with the communication of a proper nutrition with the aim of obstruct the rising "epidemic" overweight and obesity, writing numerous articles and collaborating in the realization of some popular/scientific texts. I am the television writer of the programme “La salute vien mangiando”. The TV programme expresses the concept that those who pay attention to nutrition are often sickless.

In 2018 I will start a new project developed on social networks. The format aims at explaining, through interviews with experts from the national and international scientific scene, the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Under this perspective, the theme of health is combined with the achievement of well-being, meant in its holistic meaning, in which the pursuit of harmony between biology, psychology and relationships is also framed in the rediscovery of spiritual and ecological interdependencies.

With Wall Street International I am creator of meetings that are part of "Progetto Armonia", with the cooperation of the specialists who have joined. The aim is to encourage the knowledge of interculturality (science, neuroscience, botany, ecology, art, bioethics, literature, spirituality…) to contribute to new frontiers in life and its awareness through the paradigm of the systemic vision and the imaginative dimension.

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