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Hall Gardner

Hall Gardner is an international relations theorist, editorialist, TV commentator, poet and novelist. His many books on global politics, including Toward an Alternative Transatlantic Strategy (2021) in French and English; IR Theory, Historical Analogy and Major Power War (2019); Crimea, Global Rivalry and the Vengeance of History (2015); NATO Expansion and the U.S. Strategy in Asia (2013); and American Global Strategy and the “War on Terrorism” (2005), blend a historical and theoretical approach with contemporary international affairs, and concentrate on questions involving NATO and European Union enlargement, the collapse of the Soviet Union and its impact upon China and Eurasia in general, as well as the global ramifications of the “war on terrorism.”

His book World War Trump (2018) forewarned of Trump’s January 6, 2021 coup attempt. His book, The Failure to Prevent World War I, explored the causes of the so-called “War to End all Wars.” His first books, Surviving the Millennium (1994) and Dangerous Crossroads (1997) both forewarned of a dangerous Russian backlash, war with Ukraine, and the possibility of major power war if the U.S., NATO, and the European Union could not implement a new system of European Security that incorporated Russian security concerns.

These works likewise warned that Russia and China would adopt a closer geostrategic strategic partnership going beyond a “marriage of convenience” in response to the revitalization of the US doctrine of “containment” while China, in turn, would continue to pursue its goal of unifying with Taiwan with tacit Russian backing. His later books, Averting Global War (2007) and NATO Expansion and US Strategy in Asia (2013), all outlined a strategy to prevent major power war, as have World War Trump and Toward an Alternative Transatlantic Strategy. There is a real danger that the wider Middle East—that represents the Balkans of today—could draw the major powers into direct conflict.

His editorials have appeared in the L.A. Times, The Hill, Other News, Open Democracy, among many others. He has been interviewed by Japanese Public Television (NHK): Global Debate Wisdom; Associated Press (AP), FRANCE 24, Deutsche Welle, Al Jazeera, Reuters, Radio France International (RFI), Bloomberg News, RFO “Toutes les France,” Voice of Russia, Russia Today, VOA-China, VOA-Iran, C-NBC TV News, BBC World News (radio), MacClean’s (Canada), Izvestia, O Globo (Brazil), Agence France Press, and EuroNews, among others.

Gardner’s poems have been published in numerous anthologies, such as The Peace or Perish Crisis Anthology, Fire Readings, the Paris Atlantic, and on the MEER website. His poem Vincent’s Room, and its translation into French, was chosen for National Translation Month (September 2021). His book of poems, The Wake-Up Blast (2008), represents 30 years of poetic protest.

His first novel, Year of the Earth Serpent Changing Colors — that explores the social and geopolitical transformations taking place in China and the world at the time of the Chinese democracy movement in the Spring 1989 and that warns of the rise of "new authoritarianism"— was published in January 2023. The sequel, Year of the Horseshoe Bat—in Exile, will also be published by Edition Noema, Ibidem-Verlag in 2024.

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