Milo Radonjic

Milo is a storyteller, born in Kotor, Montenegro, in 1990. Claims that everything is about the words and the way you treat them. He is passionate about communications. You shall be passionate about him.

a: Arts (as the essence)
b: Brain (intelligent is the new sexy)
c: Croissants (and everything else french)
d: Dance (nothing else)
e: Emotions (quite self-explainatory right?)
f: Fck (because sometimes you just don't give a fck, while sometimes you just want it)
g: Google (because there is everything)
h: Heart
i: Imagination (never enough of that)
j: Joy
k: Kind (be kind)
l: Love (so predictable)
m: Music (let it never stop)
n: Neverland (still dreaming of it)
o: On the top of it (Whatever you do - be there)
p: Pizza
q: qwerty
r: Read (as much as you can)
s: Story (as the most important ingredient)
t: Travel (wherever)
u: Universe (it says a lot, you just need to listen)
v: Vacation (Hell yeah!)
w: Words (no need to explain)
x, y, and z (it's a phrase and I can't help it)

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