Douglas Turner

Covering the New York art world since 2013, Douglas Turner delves into the creative processes of artists across disciplines. A graduate of the New School’s Public Engagement, a program that readies students for a life of social action, Douglas combines his love for art and his gained knowledge in Social Theory, Cultural Studies, Urban Studies and writing to create enveloping antidotes to the typical critique and inquiry.

In 2015 his art and culture journal "The Architecture of Tomorrow” (the name comes from his manifesto) was incorporated as a nonprofit and added an art education program, and gallery. The AOT Project Salon is devoted to mid-career, re-emerging, and emerging artists, creating intergenerational exchanges among artists and ideas. The Equal Education Initiative (TEEI), is an independent extra-curricular arts-based education program that sets up shop in marginalized communities and is designed to instill confidence, trust in imagination, and build critical thinking skills.

Articles by Douglas Turner

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