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Raethia Corsini

Graduated with Prof. Alberto Quadrio Curzio in Milan in International Political Science, she immediately worked in the field of communication and, wanting to follow her two true passions of travel and writing, decided to become a journalist. Since 1989 she has been writing for the main national periodicals and since her degree, for the next 18 years, she has been attending masters and workshops of psychology applied to communication and, after winning a scholarship as a radio operator, she then followed a European pilot project of radio network lasted five years. She also worked for Radio Popolare Bologna and for Radio RAI2, producing mini-broadcastings on gender equality.

After a long sabbatical and professional trip, between 2000 and 2001 alone in southern Africa, she worked alongside the necessary technological updates (continuous training on programs, apps, etc.) and professional knowledge, with a constant commitment as a volunteer teaching "practical" Italian to emigrants and guests in foster homes. A sort of ideal solution between passion for travel and social and cultural chronicle, of which she has always written with appreciated services for national weekly and monthly magazines. Already editor at Vanity Fair in 2003, for which she worked for some years, she also focused her attention on the phenomena linked to the culture of food, later publishing stories in France and publishing in Italy, in 2011, the successful volume of tales about Spiriti Bollenti. Terrestrial portraits of 21 star chefs, (Guido Tommasi publisher) finalist at the Bancarella Cucina Award 2012.

She also writes for the web and supports social startup enterprises: since 2014 she's been taking part in the project of the social promotion association Smallfamilies® dealing with the Family Portal with variable geometry as editorial content manager and creator and curator, together with Laura Lombardi, of the series smALLbooks (Cinquesensi Editore), the first book series in Italy to deal exclusively with testimonies about the changing family.

Following the experience of biographical writing with the stylist Mila Schon, for whom in 2006 she gave to the prints "Nei miei panni", on commission she started to write biographies of people, places, companies and is currently working on a new biographical project.

One of his mottos is a phrase that nobody knows to whom to attribute - but does this really matter? - which sounds like this :"Every person you meet is fighting a battle that you know nothing about. Be kind, always"

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