Maria Rebecca Ballestra
Joined Meer in March 2013
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Maria Rebecca Ballestra

The work of Maria Rebecca Ballestra is based on the reprocessing and reinterpretation of social, political and environmental themes and on a synthesis of ethno-cultural codes, learned during several artist residencies program all around the world.

The journey is the main source of inspiration for the artist: a meditation on history, traditions and ancient customs of different countries is an instrument to escape the Eurocentric perspective and to offer to the public a new points of active observation and criticism.

The works of Maria Rebecca Ballestra often arise as a project site and context specific, using the space that welcomes them to enhance their communicative and emotional aspects. Her works are inspired by strong, complex and contemporary subjects. Her last production, is oriented toward the perception of the future in relation to climate change and multiple human interventions in the natural environment and sense of insecurity and anxiety that characterizes this new millennium.

Currently she is working at the itinerant project Journey into Fragility (2012-2014).

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