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Jacobo Schifter

Dr. Jacobo Schifter received his doctorate in History from Columbia University and his Masters from the University of Chicago. He worked for over 20 years as a Professor at Universidad Nacional at the Department of Latin American Studies, where he also directed the first Doctorate in Latin America Philosophy. His courses included history, philosophy, political science; sexualities; gender identities; poststructuralism and genocide studies. He was the author and pioneer of a model used throughout Latin America for HIV and AIDS prevention.

His publication number more than 30 books, seven out of which have been translated into English. His book Hitler In Central America has become a bestseller. Dr. Schifter received the highest award in 2014 from the Ministry of Culture in Costa Rica for his latest book Genocide. Why do we commit monstrous crimes?.

Currently he teaches at USAC, a Consortium of 35 AmericanUniversities. He is the Editor-in-Chief at Free-eBooks from which he has helped to promote thousands of up-and-coming Spanish authors.

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