Thiago  Freire
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Thiago Freire

Thiago Freire is fascinated with the complex aging process and how it affects wellness and skin health. He graduated with honors with an M.D degree from PFUR University in Moscow and received the Russia Olympiad award in biochemistry. As an Associate Professor at the University of Moscow, Freire teaches family physicians about breakthrough research and techniques in the pioneering discipline of anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Freire believes we can “grow up but not grow old,” by learning the way an individual’s DNA navigates the aging process and designing specific health enhancing programs to optimize the quality of aging. He has extensively researched how ‘active aging’ makes a dramatic, positive difference and is a published author of prestigious articles including “Immunology and The Aging Process” in The American Journal of Immunology, and “The Complex Therapeutic Strategy in Scar Lesions of the Face and Neck,” for a Russian Skin Journal.

Born in Brazil, Dr. Freire is a savvy world traveler and seeks out exceptional skin spas to gain insight into both new and traditional anti-aging treatments used by various cultures. He savors the finest that life has to offer and has been a contributing columnist for Lifestyle, Travel and Wellness featured on the website “O que vi pelo Mundo” (What I have seen in the world) and now shares his knowledge and news on health, beauty and Lifestyle with Wall Street International.

Dr. Freire is an active member of American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine and Regenerative Medicine and the 3rd AMWC Eastern Europe Aesthetic and Anti Aging Medicine Congress in Moscow, Russia.

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