Jorge M. González
Joined Meer in March 2017
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Jorge M. González

Agronomist, Entomologist; born and raised in Venezuela, US citizen. I specialized in the behavior and the systematics of insects. I have advised diverse projects including the construction of giant animatronic insects and have worked with other investigators to develop transmitters/detectors to manipulate the behavior of certain insects. I designed the first Insectarium-Butterfly Garden of public use in Venezuela (El Pinar Zoological Park, Caracas).

Watching my mother reading the newspaper and magazines every day inspired me to read any book or pamphlet that came my way. Being a child, I started reading the sections dedicated to animals, particularly insects, in an encyclopedia that belonged to my cousins. While in College I focused on studying entomology. Eventually, I became interested in explorers and investigators while checking old files and cemeteries in search of information for my university mentor who would use that info to write about a naturalist that went to Venezuela at the end of the 19th century.

Even though I specialized in the study of lepidopterans, mainly a group of neotropical moths as an undergraduate, I did my MSc and Ph.D. on the biology, ecology, behavior, and taxonomy of a group of parasitic wasps. Also, I joined a group of investigators exploring remote places of the Venezuelan wilds. I wrote a book on the history of Venezuelan entomology, which also describes diverse insect groups by mentioning activities, myths, anecdotes, and events, that allow the reader to imagine or to 'see' the insect without the need for figures or pictures.

I have written almost two hundred articles in peer-reviewed journals and a similar number of general articles in popular magazines. I am interested in many topics including history, politics, art, gastronomy, and science. I started writing for Meer (formerly Wall Street International) and thanks to its global scope, I have been experimenting with different types of stories.

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