Ana Clavería Jiménez de Laiglesia
Joined Meer in January 2017
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Ana Clavería Jiménez de Laiglesia

Communicator of birth in the field of journalism as well as advertising and marketing. Lover of the world, its cultures, customs and landscapes. Unable to be still.

Thanks to that innate desire to travel and to know the world, I have lived in multiple countries playing my profession (and I hope to continue doing so). I like to be in continuous movement and learning and I despair of the lack of adrenaline and knowledge.

Especially interested in the international scene and in the immense gastronomic world of each country, I try to translate into words and images what I see, think, live and feel because I like the idea of ​​sharing and leaving a beautiful legacy for posterity.

With training in journalism, photography, business management and marketing, social media management and what is to come.

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