Adriana Dredge

As an art consumer, collector, and occasional commentator, Adriana is curious about the talent and the torment that drive creativity. (As a writer, she is partial to alliteration.) Adriana likes to explore the artist’s motivation and context, and she tries to analyse the creative process and the effect art has on us.

As an educator, Adriana is concerned about young and not so young people having access to all forms of art and growing to enjoy them.

For the love of art and books, and books with lots of pictures, Adriana studied history of art for her first degree, forsaking a career as a civil engineer, which was her childhood ambition. What started as a desire to learn and understand the mystery of visual art developed into a lifelong passion. (Her other passion is literature.).

A French government scholarship gave Adriana the opportunity to study at the Sorbonne for an MA. Being fluent in French helped to transform her few years in Paris into a rich cultural experience and was the start of a long-standing love affair with the City of Lights.

Her work brought her to London and into the fascinating world of public relations and advertising. To give an academic foundation to the practical experience, she completed an MA in marketing, specialising in the promotion of art and cultural events.

As a senior lecturer at the University of the Arts London, Adriana loved to challenge her students to investigate the use of images, words, and sounds as tools for persuasive communication. She has written a number of academic articles on branding, marketing, and advertising.

Her passion for art continued throughout her twenty-year academic career and remains at the centre of her interest. She is a keen observer and constructive critic; using the basic elements of critique, she enjoys the description, analysis and interpretation of artwork, but in interaction with artists, she would stop short of judgement.

In recent years, Adriana’s writing has focused on art and design. In her articles, she offers an objective view, inviting the reader to discover and enjoy their own emotions and enthusiasm for culture.

Adriana speaks six languages; she has lived in Paris, Bucharest, and Tel Aviv before settling in amazing London (while also spending a lot of time in magic Paris). A certified flaneuse, she loves travel, especially exploring cities, their architecture, art treasures, and social texture.

Her most recent book is The Poetry of the Poster.

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