Adriana Dredge

Adriana is an art consumer, critic and collector. Curious about talent and torment, she likes to explore the artists’ motivation and analyse the creative process.

For the love of art, and books, and books with lots of pictures, Adriana studied History of Art for her first degree. What started as a genuine desire to know and understand more about art and artists, developed into a lifelong passion. Following a MA from the Sorbonne, her career took her into the interesting world of public relations, advertising and higher education.

As a lecturer at the University of Arts London, Adriana challenged her students to investigate the use of images, words and sounds as communication and persuasion tools. She has written a number of academic articles on branding, marketing and advertising.

Her love of art continued throughout her academic career and remained the centre of her interest. A keen observer and constructive critic, she offers an objective view, inviting the reader to discover and enjoy their own passion for culture.

Adriana has lived in Paris, Bucharest and Tel Aviv before settling in amazing London. A certified flaneur, she loves travel, especially exploring cities, their architecture, art treasures and social texture.

Her most recent book is The Poetry of the Poster.

Articles by Adriana Dredge

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