Associaçao  Cultural Suoni di Luce
Joined Meer in January 2016
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Associaçao Cultural Suoni di Luce

It’s a non-profit Association, non-political, free and open to everybody.
It respects the religious and philosophic certainties of everybody.
The Association has been created above all to spread in the world the messages that Angles offer, though channeling.

These messages give awareness and are helpful for:
- knowing the meaning of Life and its purpose to live it intensely and to benefit from it the best of everything,
- living consciously and responsibility the Life, in harmony with ourselves and with all what is around us,
- living peacefully all relationships,
- re-discovering ourselves and our Human and Divine Potential,
- growing in the Art of loving and helping,
- knowing what let us live in gratitude, in joy, in peace,
- being free and let others to be free,
- satisfying our heart and let our Soul shining more and more.

The Association promotes the divulgation of books and audiobooks available on the website “Suoni di Luce” and of future books, containing these messages.
It makes donations of books to prisons and libraries. It offers audiobooks to all Associations of blinds, of visually impaired, of old people with reading difficulties, of physical and psychic disabled, of hospitalized patients, of dyslexics, etc.

It realized audio conferences and other events to promote the books, to allow people to share personal experiences and to make questions about the topics discussed during the meeting.
It promotes all the activities that can donate these awareness and helps.
These “Gifts” are a “precious jewel” for us, that transformed our life in a “Song” of Love, Joy, Peace and Gratitude: this is the reason why we wish to donate it.
All what we realized is thank to the “Gifts” of Providence in which we trust, in order to continue with donations and divulgation of messages in all languages.

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